About us

Welcome to SYZYGY!

Warmly welcome to enjoy the taste of our products.

We make our Clients happy by helping them to automate their Business Management with the software built with the latest technologies.

I am sure that you too could get the benefit of our products for your success.

About the company

We are a Software development and Marketing Company in Sri Lanka, having many different Software products.

Market Leader in the country for the Filling (Fuel / Gas) Stations Software with the latest technologies.

This Filling Station software is having many different modules to cater in to almost every segment of the Filling Station Management.

Further steps are underway to introduce our software for the other countries too.

Also, in the field of Digital Marketing such as E Mail Marketing, WhatsApp & SMS Marketing, social media Marketing etc.

In addition, we do provide SMS Marketing for the candidates in almost every election in Sri Lanka, to transmit their election messages.

We do have many specialized software for Cheque Writing, WhatsApp Bulk Marketing, Bulk SMS Marketing, Rice Mill operations, POS, Land Sales, Related to Personal health etc. Could build and customize software as per your need.


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