Frequently Asked Question

The most common questions which will help you.

How Long my cards will be in this system? As long as your renewal is active. If the annual renewal expires, then within 30 days’ time, all the data in the system will get auto deleted.
Can I make the payments in Installments for the system? We always help our Clients. Please contact us with your expectations.
Can I add other Modules later on? Yes, You can. Please contact us for more details.
Can I get refund after purchased the system? This is an online System, so, refunds will not be done.
How many Nozzles included in the system by default? 12 Nozzles. But could upgrade to any number of Nozzles with additional payments
Do you provide Support throughout? Yes, as long as the System validity is there. We request to send any clarifications by Email or WhatsApp, so it will avoid any misunderstandings and clear for all. You can contact us by Email to