Manage Your Production in a Smart way. Save Time & Cost

SYZYGY EzyMo International is the Ideal Software for any Business to Manage their Sales, Stocks, Credit Sales, Card Sales, etc in the Right way.

How it works?

Give the Right Profit and Savings.

Easy, Fast and Accurate. Helps you to know all about your Business. Operations at anytime from anywhere.

  • Easy to work
  • Could complete work within a Quicker time
  • Auto Calculate Daily Sales

Customer Statements

System Auto calculate all. No Errors, No Shorts.

With Complete Accounting Module

Now you can view the status of your Business at any time with complete Accounting. Nothing will miss.

Know Profit & Loss of your Business

Now you can view Profit & Loss for any duration, any product, Product Category, for each Invoice, Brand, Branch, Customer etc

Right Software to Guide you in the Business

Many Businesses successfully use EzyMo International. Planning to Introduce it to other countries too soon.

Why SYZYGY EzyPetRo International?

Special features of SYZYGY EzyMo International

Calculate Sales, Stocks & Credit Sales to the last cent

No more Losses now. Shows where your Money is. You can control every aspect of the Business with the Right decisions, with the help of SYZYGY EzyMo International

Cashier Management

Gives all the details related to Sales Reps

Customer Management

Gives all the details related to Customers such as Sales, Payments, Security Deposits, Customer Ledgers, Customer Limits etc.

Customer Statements Direct from the System

System auto creates Customer Statements for the Customers for the selected period. Auto Lock previous date period statements. Shows the current Balance Amount in detail. Easy for the customer to Understand and clear. No errors or duplicates. entries.

Know Cash, Bank, Card, Total Customer Balances in a second

All the details related to Day’s operation in one single page. Gives accurate balances of Cash, cards, Cheques in Hand, Customers. And day’s deposits too. No Mistakes now.

Know Total Stock Values

Gives a clear picture of the Stock Values with the press of a button. No need to over spend on unnecessary stocks.

Know who does the most sales for the Business

Gives the details of the staff Sales for a Week, Month, Year or any desired period. Easy to Recognize the best Sellers.

Control Your Purchases

Know the total purchase and payment due for the suppliers. Can manage cash flow easily with this information.

Control Your Expenses

Know the total Expenses of the Business. Can analyze and control unnecessary expenses.

Clean UI Design

We creafted all designs professionally. It made with latest frameworks.

Faster Loading

We give more importance for page load. Your system loads faster than normal webpages.

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Your name or business whatever it is. We can Help You.